Photo by Quintin Gerard W.


It is a well known fact that there is a tremendous amount of time, effort, and financial resources invested in planning a public or private ceremony such as a Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, or on a more solemn note, a Final Viewing.

Days We Remember™ offers the newest and most unique way to experience your public or private ceremony! Days We Remember™ has been designed and established to give your ceremonial occasion that special touch which will astonish others!

Whether you are planning a Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement, or solemn event such as a Final Viewing, Days We Remember™ can assist you in getting the most out of the most memorable and important day of your life!

Special occasions should encompass more than simply traditional music performed by the local church organist, choir, or band hired for reception. Why not take your public or private ceremony to the next level and have a Professional Recording Artist (P.R.A.)™ perform at your event to show your family, friends, and/or loved one(s) that you truly cherish their support, presence, and most of all, attendance at your ceremony!

Here at Days We Remember™ we have designed the perfect touch of Elegance, Class, Style, & Sophistication to the musical selection(s) created which will surely make your event a success and achieve that “WOW” factor!

Please feel free to peruse this website and learn how you can make your public or private ceremony unlike anything you could have ever imagined!

...for a lifetime of memories!