The Company

The company is founded on the principle and fundamental concept of creating services and/or products that help others help themselves!

I have specifically designed and created a unique style and blend of Music called Instrumental Ceremony Music (I.C.M.)™ which is inspirational, but yet still maintains a high level of Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, and Spirituality that is unsurpassed by any secular sound created!  I whole heartedly believe that I was put here on Earth to create this music, which reaches the core of one's being, and expresses the inner connection associated with the CREATOR of all things!

This unique service has established it's place in the Private Ceremony Industry (P.C.I.)™ as the unrivaled leader in Musical Healing Services (M.H.S)™ which makes a distinctive and substantial impact on our clients, who have repeatedly expressed their enormous gratitude and appreciation for supporting their most important and precious ceremonious occasion(s).

We continue to look forward to a future of helping others achieve their goal(s) of making that special day in their lives the absolute best and most memorable day they could have ever imagined!

Quintin Gerard W.


...for a lifetime of memories.